Nailah Nolley

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Engineering Creative Solutions

When I was young, here and there, I would dip my toe into the field of engineering, but I never thought it was interesting so I didn't give it much thought. That all changed the summer before highschool. When I was applying to summer camp, all of the slots for the film-making camp were completely filled up, so I hurridly signed up for some other random subject. That subject was Programming for Robotics. I didn't know much about programming, but I appreciated robotics, because it was a lot like putting a puzzle together and then getting to witness that puzzle do something awesome. I ended up being one of two girls in the course, and the other girl wasn't at all interested in the subject. The preconcieved notions that the other students there had about me is what initially motivated me to do well. But then, I learned that I really liked programming.

From then on, I started to focus a bit more on the subject, deciding to study it when I began my university career. While I was a college student, I participated in a lot of different competitions, taking home a win for half of the hack-a-thons I participated in. I also started lending out my expertise on the subject. I was a tutor and a TA for several different Computer Science courses, as well as teaching and organizing Web Development and Game Development Special Interest Groups on campus. Each summer, I participated in an internship to get hands on experience in the Tech Industy. Now, I'm looking to carve out a different path and career for myself: one that combines my engineering skills with my artistic interests, and one that will have a positive impact on others.

North Carolina A&T students (myself included) after participating in Hackathon CLT in 2018.